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The Team

Our team is a family run operation. You will always have a personal 1 on 1 interaction when it comes to your web projects. Below is a little info on the team.

Thomas J. Allen

President / Chief Creative Officer

Thomas is responsible for all web solutions development. When you order a service from, Inc., Thomas will be your solutions designer. As with many other companies where you are passed on from one designer to another, Thomas will be your direct go to guy for all your solutions needs. You will not need to worry about working with a new designer every time you need a new service or update.

Thomas founded, Inc. in 2004 with the belief that proliferation of digital media would lead to increased demand for web software, tools and services to enable the easy creation and distribution of custom digital and physical media for corporate applications. Thomas has worn many hats to take the company from concept to reality, developing the technology platform, launching the website, building products and services.

Thomas has a rich background in technology and enterprise development, with prior experience of owning 2 other companies, CRK CyberWorld, LLC., and Mega Tech Software, Inc., prior to this Thomas has been a web solutions consultant for many companies such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers, NYU Online, Fleet Securities, Inc., BusinessWeek, MTV, MTVi Group, ViaCom, Nethod, Kraemer Design, MD Computing Magazine, Grey Direct, BSquared Communications, Barnes and Noble, Operation IT, IN D 500 Filmed Entertainment, and many more. Thomas holds a PC Specialist Degree from International Correspondence Schools, everything else was self-taught.

Dawn M. Allen

Vice President / Copywriter

Dawn is responsible for our administration, legal, and billing. She also handles data entry and copy writing when clients request this service.

Dawn benefits from a combination of both small and large company experience, ranging from management, administrative assistant, and marketing.